Solo Exhibitions


Huene and the Fashionable Image
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA


Photographs by Hoyningen-Huene
Sonnabend Gallery, New York, USA


Eye for Elegance: The Photography of George Hoyningen-Huene
International Center of Photography, New York, USA, September 25–November 9, 1980
Musée Carnavalet, Paris, France, November 20–December 15, 1980
Art Museum of Long Beach, California, USA, 1981
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA, April 5–May 17, 1981
The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK, September 10–November 8, 1981
Baltimore Museum of Art, USA, October 5–November 28, 1982


Staley-Wise Gallery, New York, USA

The Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia, USA


Hoyningen-Huene: Shadow and Light
Staley-Wise Gallery, New York, USA


George Hoyningen-Huene: Vintage Fashion Photography
Keith de Lellis Gallery, New York, USA, February 17–April 16, 2005


George Hoyningen-Huene – Photographs
Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, September 9–October 16, 2010

Group Exhibitions


Premier Salon Indépendant de la Photographie
Salon de l’escalier, Paris, France, May 24–June 7, 1928


Film und Foto de 20er Jahre
Stuttgart, Germany, and exhibition tour to Zurich, Berlin, Vienna, Danzig, Zagreb, Tokyo and Osaka


U.S.A. Mission.


Photokina: International Photo- and Cine Exhibition
Cologne, Germany


Glamour Portraits
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA


1930s Portraits and Fashion Photographs
Sonnabend Gallery, New York, USA


Fashion Photography: Six Decades
Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York, USA, October 30–December 14, 1975
Kornblee Gallery, New York, USA


Fashion 1900–1939
Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh, Scotland, December 19, 1975–January 25, 1976
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, March 25–May 9, 1976


The History of Fashion Photography
International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, Rochester, USA, June 25–October 2, 1977
Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA, November 18, 1977–January 8, 1978
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA, March 3–April 16, 1978
Cincinnati Art Institute, Cincinnati, USA, May 18–July 31, 1978
Museum of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, August 30–September 30, 1978


Fleeting Gestures: Treasures of Dance Photography
International Center of Photography, New York, USA, November 7, 1978–January 28, 1979


France Between the Wars 1925–1940
Zabriskie Gallery, New York, USA


Fashion Photographers
Hastings Gallery, New York, USA

Masks, Mannequins and Dolls
Prakapas Gallery, New York, USA


Shots of Style
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, October 9, 1985–January 19, 1986


The Look: Images of Glamour and Style
(Horst P. Horst and George Hoyningen-Huene)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA, October 21, 2001–January 6, 2002


Blithe Spirit: The Windsor Set
Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, New York, USA, November 1, 2002–February 9, 2003


Architects of Glamour + Masters of Style: Excepts from a Century of Fashion
Queensland University of Technology Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia, June 27–September 7, 2003

Mode Photo Exhibition
Zeit Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan, November 11–November 29, 2003

American Beauty: from Muybridge to Goldin
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, June 5–July 27, 2003


Vanity Affair: Fashionable Portraits
Keith de Lellis Gallery, New York, USA, February–April 2005

20th Anniversary Exhibit
Wessel + O’Connor Fine Art, Brooklyn, New York, November 12–December 23, 2005


Looking at Fashion: A Fashion Retrospective
Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach, USA, November 11–December 16, 2006


The Heartbeat of Fashion: F.C. Gundlach Collection
Kunst Hamburg Haus der Photographie/Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany, September 27, 2006–January 7, 2007

Their Eyes Betray Them: The Lola Garrido Collection
Fundació Foto Colectania, Barcelona, Spain, November 30, 2006–March 24, 2007

Horst and His World
Staley–Wise Gallery, New York, USA, December 2006–January 2007


Amerikanische modefotografie der 40er jahre / American Fashion Photography of the 1940s
Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, Germany, January 18–February 18, 2007

Déjà Vu: 10th Anniversary Retrospective 1997–2007
Keith de Lellis Gallery, New York, USA, September 6–October 12, 2007

A Selection of Exceptional Vintage Photographs
Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, USA, September 7–October 27, 2007

VIP: Very Important Photographs from the European, American and Australian Photography Collection 1840s–1940s
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia, May 26–August 19, 2007


Mode: Bilder / Fashion: Images
NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft, Düsseldorf, Germany, November 17, 2007–March 24, 2008


The Art of Lee Miller
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, September 15, 2007–January 6, 2008
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA, January 26–April 27, 2008
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA, July 1–September 21, 2008
Jeu de Paume, Paris, France, October 13, 2008–January 11, 2009


Wessel + O’Connor Fine Art, New York, USA, April 3–May 3, 2008

Wessel + O’Connor Fine Art, New York, USA, June 26–August 1, 2008

Fashion: Nine Decades of Photography
Camera Work, Berlin, Germany, September 20–November 15, 2008


A Passion for Fashion: Louise Dahl-Wolfe & George Hoyningen-Huene
Keith de Lellis Gallery, New York, USA, November 20, 2008–January 17, 2009

Fashion is Big
Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach, USA, December 20, 2008–January 19, 2009

Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913–2008
National Portrait Gallery, London, UK, February 14–May 26, 2008
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 14–September 21, 2008
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA, October 26, 2008–March 1, 2009
National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia, June 12–August 30, 2009


Ektas extra
ParisGlobe, Paris, France, in association with Keith de Lellis Gallery, New York, USA, February 12–28, 2009

Extreme Beauty in Vogue
Palazzo della Ragione, Milan, Italy, March 3–May 10, 2009


Fashion Room
Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Germany, September 10–November 8, 2009
Städtische Galerie, Iserlohn, Germany, November 27, 2009–January 31, 2010


Parigi capitale della fotografia 1920–1940 / Paris, Capital of Photography 1920–1940 
Museo Nazionale Alinari della Fotografia, Florence, Italy, January 14–April 11, 2010

The Architecture of Fashion: Cathleen Naundorf, Horst P. Horst, George Hoyningen-Huene
Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach, USA, February 13–March 10, 2010

ARTIFICE: Photo-Illustration in America, circa 1925–1960
Keith de Lellis Gallery, New York, USA, March–August 2010

Horst P. Horst + George Hoyningen-Huene: Classic Photographs
Robert Tat Gallery, San Francisco, USA, May 6–July 31, 2010


Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden, September 24, 2010–January 2, 2011

Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy and Germany, 1918–1936
Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA, October 1, 2010–January 9, 2011


Exposed: Photography & the Classical Nude
The Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, January 4–March 11, 2011

Great Moments in Glamour: Photographs of Society, Artists and Fashion in the Twentieth Century
Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany, February 2–September 4, 2011

Form and Fashion: Hoyningen-Huene and Kurt Markus
Staley-Wise Gallery, New York, USA, June 10–August 12, 2011


Selling Dreams: One Hundred Years of Fashion Photography
Light House, Wolverhampton, UK, October 14, 2011–January 13, 2012
Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK, March 9–April 29, 2012
Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter, UK, July 7–September 2, 2012
McManus Galleries, Dundee, Scotland, September 28, 2012–January 6, 2013
Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland, February 2–April 20, 2013
State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, August 10–November 10, 2013
Auckland Museum, Auckland, New Zealand, December 6, 2013–February 28, 2014
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, March 28–May 4, 2014

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